Our unique name

An X-Ray of the alignment or misaligment of your organization with S-Ray

Like an X-Ray shows the internal structure of the human body, S-Ray makes the internal structure of your organization visible. Since the topic of our diagnostics is the organization’s strategy, we replaced X by S (for strategy).

The strategy of your business is our business. It’s development, although great, is nothing without it’s execution. For this you need your people, managers, supervisors and employees to grasp the big picture. S-Ray literally enables you to share this picture in a way that your people will be able to do so.

The picture that S-ray Scan reveals shows the alignment structure of your organization in a multilevel vein, crossing managerial echelons and functional domains. The structure of the degree, content and locus of strategic alignment within and between the units that make up your organization, is typically hidden. With S-Ray it becomes visible.

We are S-ray Diagnostics. We added the word “Diagnostics” to stress our commercial independence. We diagnose your organization’s strategic alignment and assess its ability to resolve strategic misalignment. We do not offer any consultancy service. We are a knowledge company, making us completely objective and interest-free in what we do.

As a knowledge company of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the data we use to create the S-ray Diagnostics scan is used for scientific purposes. As such it must be reliable and authentic and thus not fabricated or manipulated. This same data is used to create a strategic alignment picture on your behalf. Therefore you can be sure that our results independent and accurate.

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