Our scientific identity

S-ray Diagnostics develops and applies state-of-the-science knowledge of strategic alignment. The application of this knowledge in practice enables companies and organizations to achieve their strategies better and faster. S-ray Diagnostics is set up as a scientific enterprise part of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Being a scientific enterprise reveals our dual purpose: to do science and to do business. Executed in symbiotic interplay, doing science for business creates a natural focus on developing scientific knowledge that is practically meaningful. On the other hand, doing business in science creates a natural pressure to transform scientific knowledge into an applicable format so the science can easily find its way to practice.

The applicable format in our case refers to the S-ray Scan: our innovative and state-of-the-science solution for diagnosing and improving strategic alignment. The S-ray Scan enables us to do business in science and to sell our science as a service. To do science for business, it is key to have a dedicated research team closely connected to a renowned business school.

Every customer brings a new and unique empirical data set to the research team, which fuels the knowledge development process. At the same time, every customer contract yields financial revenues, used e.g. to fund PhD and Post-doc positions to continue the dedicated research team. The other way round, every research hypothesis brings new and state-of-the-science knowledge to S-ray Diagnostics, which fuels the continuous innovation of the S-ray Scan and thus the added value to customers. Scientific value contributing to customer value and customer value in turn contributing to scientific value; it is this mutually reinforcing value creation process that defines S-ray Diagnostics’ dual purpose as a scientific enterprise.

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