Who we are

Do you want to know more about S-Ray Diagnostics?

Prof. Dr. Daan van Knippenberg explains what S-Ray Diagnostics is all about and the scientific tool that makes S-Ray Diagnostics so very unique. Furthermore, he explains why strategic understanding is so imporant in an organization.

You might have noticed our unique name. We chose this name for a reason. Next to the name, we also have a unique identity with state-of-the-science knowledge of strategic alignment. We would also like to introduce you to the team that makes our science possible. Feel free to contact us, with any questions you might have.

Our unique name

Like an X-Ray shows the internal structure of the human body, S-Ray makes the internal structure of your organization visible. Since the topic of our diagnostics is the organization’s strategy, we replaced X by S (for strategy).

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Our scientific identity

S-ray Diagnostics develops and applies state-of-the-science knowledge of strategic alignment. The application of this knowledge in practice enables companies and organizations to achieve their strategies better and faster.

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Our dedicated team

Our team is very diverse. Each one of our team members has a unique speciality and is a recognised authority in their specific field. From business connectedness to thought leadership, together we embody all that is S-ray Diagnostics.

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