Value proposition

Value Proposition

We add value to your company! By enabling your business to grow from good to great, we provide you with the means to achieve next-level company performance.

We are overly confident about the usefulness of our value proposition to your business case. No company is so totally different from any other company or organization, that it will prevent the alignment-performance law, which is backed with over 40 years of scientific research into the alignment-performance relationship, to show its known effect.


Alignment2014 Knowledge Seminar

The Power of Alignment

Take a peek at the video of the Alignment2014 Knowledge Seminar that took place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam on March 12, 2015.

"Empowering people to execute strategy"


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Strategic Alignment is not an idea.
It is not an opinion or an assumption.
It is a fact!
Proven technology backed up with 40 years of scientific evidence.

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Our value proposition is underpinned with a specific benefit bundle that makes us unique. We combine six distinctive selling points:


Commercial Independence

We do not offer any post-diagnostic consulting services. We only provide you with the assessment. What you do with the information given to you, is up to you! We are a knowledge company of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and are consequently rooted in science, which explains our value-free and evidence-driven interest. Our core business is the S-ray Scan. This exclusive focus is stressed by our name, S-ray Diagnostics.

Scientific Excellence

Given our close ties with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, we adhere to the highest scientific standards and apply state-of-the-art statistics and advanced data-analytical techniques, ensuring the reliability of the S-ray Scan. By means of a dedicated research team, consisting of several professors and PhD. candidates, our key activity is to develop scientific knowledge in disciplines such as strategic management.

Thought Leadership

We are the recognized authority in our field. As a result, we know what the proven drivers of strategic alignment are. Not only do we diagnose the current state of strategic alignment within your organization, but we also assess your “readiness for improvement”, providing you with hands-on directions for immediate change. With over 140 scientific publications in strategy-related fields, there can be no doubt in your mind that we are the best of the best in what we do.

Diagnostic Innovativeness

We are absolutely unique in the way we visualize and diagnose strategic alignment within the different units that make up an organization. Thanks to our world-class practitioner in the specialized field of multivariate visualization, the S-ray scan not only provides you with innovative visuals but also serves the vital purpose of enhancing the ease of interpretation of our strategic alignment diagnostics.

Institutional Credibility

The institutional signature of the Erasmus University Rotterdam onto the S-ray scan guarantees complete and credible confidentiality. This is essential because the topic of our diagnostics is very delicate. Not only because it is about your business strategy, but even more because we require individual responses from your people and need them to voice their true opinions.

Business Connectedness

Since S-ray Diagnostics is made for the purpose of putting scientific knowledge into practice, we could not but be connected to the market of professional business we aim to diagnose. Therefore we speak your business language. Our team knows first-hand what it is like for an organization to connect strategy to execution and works on a regular basis with business executives as part of the executive education at RSM.