Strategic alignment

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Strategic Alignment - What is strategic alignment?

Strategic alignment is the shared sense of purpose and direction among people in the organization. When people align around strategy, they are connected in their thinking about strategy as one, working from one and the same purpose into one and the same direction towards one and the same goal. Without alignment, strategy is merely a paper reality existing solely in the boardroom, lacking effective execution by the organization at large. As such, alignment defines strategy, for if strategy cannot or will not be executed, then what is the point in having a strategy at all?

It is nog enough to create a thoughtfully crafted winning business strategy. If your people don’t understand and accept it, they’re following their own, often disconnected, “strategies”, resulting in uncoordinated effort, hampered teamwork and in the end suboptimal performance.

Without execution, your strategy, even if it is a winning one, is only a plan. High-performance realities aren’t shaped by winning plans; they are shaped by the execution of winning plans. This is our elementary vision as S-ray Diagnostics.

To execute a winning business strategy, your entire organization should be on board and support it collectively. When there is strategic alignment, your people understand and commit to your winning strategy. If your people get and buy the big picture, they make it happen by simply doing it.

Strategic alignment causes the aligned execution of your winning plan. That is why strategic alignment is the most essential ingredient in your core business.

Strategic alignment doesn’t happen to you, it is a choice! Why? Because it can be manufactured purposefully!

Strategic Alignment - Why it matters

Strategic alignment will improve your company performance immensely. That’s the reason why it is your executive assignment.

For over 40 years strategic alignment and company performance have been the subject of science. The alignment-performance relationship has been thoroughly identified and accumulated evidence shows: the higher your alignment score, the steeper your performance curve!

To align or not to align, it is not a question, anymore. It’s a scientific truth to the alignment-performance law. You cannot escape its lawful working, just like you cannot escape from gravity.

The only thing required really is your executive call to start unleashing its power onto your business case.

Act upon strategic alignment. If you don’t, strategic misalignment will act upon you.

Strategic Alignment - How to get it

First we establish the current state of strategic alignment within your organization. We determine whether there is alignment or not and where exactly the misalignment is located within your organization. To do this, we use a crystal-clear and evidence-based diagnostic measurement tool, we call the S-ray Alignment Scan.

Our diagnostic experience demonstrates that misalignment is the rule rather than the exception. With our help, you can identify and eliminate it and strategically align your entire organization.

Strategic alignment is a science. There are proven alignment drivers that we have collected into our S-ray Solution Box. Let us unleash our Solution Box in your organization so you can assess to what extent each of these drivers is currently working in your (dis)advantage. Think of these drivers as buttons. The assessment result shows you which buttons are already pushed and which ones are not. It delivers you the spot-on and hands-on agenda for change required to resolve strategic misalignment.

This will enable you to grow from good to great company performance.

The CEO of S-Ray Diagnostics - Dr. Marco de Haas

In this short interview Dr. Marco de Haas explains that S-Ray Diagnostics has everything to do with business strategies and what is required in order to have that strategy executed. Furthermore, he tells us all about the unique and innovative measurement tool called the S-Ray Alignment Scan.