Step 1 The Strategy Statement

The first step of our S-Ray Scan is a thorough scan of your strategy statement. If your statement is too broad, too vague or too complex and thus lacks the ability to communicate a clear message, there can be no strategic alignment. We do not question the validity of your business strategy, only it’s format. For the vital sake of growing strategic alignment, a compact, clear and focused business strategy is a necessity.  When we apply the S-ray Strategy format to your business strategy, it enforces selective choice and thus strategic focus. You choose the specific strategic goals and options which are critically important for your organizational success. With our scientific and consultancy expertise in the fields of strategic dialogue, performance management and business intelligence, we can facilitate executive workshops to make your business strategy fit the required format of the S-ray Strategy Statement, if required.

Want to know more about the value and output of the S-ray Strategy Statement:

Value and Output of the S-ray Strategy Statement:

  • Strategic clarity Your business strategy captured in the strategic destination (Where to go?) vs strategic direction (How to go?) format.

  • Tailor-made findings Alignment diagnostics tailored upon the unique specifics of your very own business strategy.

  • Strategy one-pager Explicit strategy statements capturing the very essence of the “where-to-go” and the “how-to-go” part of your business strategy.

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