Step 3 The Solution Box

Strategic alignment can be “manufactured” purposefully and thus represents a “manipulable” organizational asset. Scientific research has revealed a number of key alignment drivers. We know exactly which drivers are at stake and thus we know exactly what you need to know in order to resolve strategic misalignment within your organization. Jointly, all known and relevant alignment drivers configure the S-ray Solution Box. Closely connected to the alignment diagnostics of the S-ray Alignment Scan, the S-ray Solution Box delivers the assessment of these drivers. This combination makes the outcome of our alignment diagnostics pragmatically manageable, since it pinpoints exactly which vital alignment conditions are at risk exactly where in your organization, which allows for a focused direction of your executive attention towards required improvement and change.

Prof. Dr. Daan van Knippenberg makes all quality calls regarding to the contents of the S-ray Solution Box, since it connects directly to his scientific expertise in the fields of leadership, diversity, creativity, innovation and social identity.

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Value and Output of the S-ray Solution Box:

  • Cause identification Pinpointing the exact causes of misalignment in your organization. The solution box demonstrates which specific alignment drivers are at risk exactly where (i.e. which units/teams) in the organization.

  • Intervention programming Prescribing a program of interventions tailored upon the unique set of alignment drivers at risk in your organization. Implementing this agenda for change is to resolve misalignment

  • Change management If desired: planning and coordinating the implementation of the agenda for change. The actual implementation of the agenda for change is not part of our value proposition.

  • Risk assessment dashboard The overview of proven alignment drivers that turn out to be at risk exactly where in your organization. Alignment drivers at risk are sources of misalignment that need to be resolved.

  • Agenda for change We are available to assist and facilitate any third party that is hired on your behalf to implement the agenda for change, providing you with a tailor made program aimed at misalignment resolution.

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