Step 2 The Alignment Scan

The S-ray Strategy Statement of your business strategy is the required input for the alignment diagnostics by means of the S-ray Alignment Scan. It delivers the objective and visual diagnosis of strategic alignment of professional organizations. The S-ray Alignment Scan enables you to draft an in-depth and crystal-clear diagnostic picture of the place, content, degree and scope of strategic alignment throughout your organization. More precisely, the outcome of the scan has the following characteristics:

  • The diagnostic outcome is presented in a visual and easy-to-grasp format that literally speaks for itself: metaphoric pictures that clearly and unambiguously communicate the (mis)alignment with the top executive team. It pictures which business units, functional departments and operational teams are aligned and which ones are not. It furthermore tells what the alignment is about and whether or not it is connected to the strategic vision of the top executive team.
  • The total organization is involved – in a highly time-efficient manner – in the picture taking, which makes the diagnostic outcome evidence-based and thus highly accepted. The outcome certainly does not presents the potentially polarizing expert opinion of a small committee, but rather pictures the collective state of mind: one simply cannot disagree with the outcome.
  • The involvement of the total organization turns the alignment diagnostics into a strategy intervention: everyone involved is mobilized into 'strategizing through dialogue' and collective sense making of the business strategy as envisioned by the top executive team.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Groenen makes all quality calls regarding to the working of the S-ray Alignment Scan, since it connects directly to his scientific expertise in the fields of multivariate statistics and data visualization.

Want to know more about the value and output of the S-ray Alignment Scan:

Value and Output of the S-ray Alignment Scan:

  • Objective findings Strategic alignment of all organizational units/teams
    expressed in quantitative and validated numbers.

  • Comprehensive findings Strategic alignment of your organization visualized with self-evident infographics, allowing everyone to get the big picture of strategy.

  • Accepted findings Strategic alignment results are evidence-based and therefore non-deniable in the typical case of high response (over 75%).

  • Misalignment detection Pinpointing the exact location (i.e. teams/units) of misalignment in your organization.

  • Strategic awareness Improved awareness of your business strategy among the people in your organization due to the involved nature of the alignment diagnostics itself (strategic dialogue).

  • Unit-level strategic alignment map Infographical representations of strategic alignment within the top executive team and all other organizational units that constitute your organization.

  • Organizational-level strategic alignment map Unit-level strategic alignment map, with the top executive team as the alignment point of reference.

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