Strategic Alignment in the Railways Industry

An organization aligned with its strategic goals

The S-ray Scan shows that our organization is aligned with our strategic goals. A safe, reliable, punctual and sustainable railway infrastructure, it turns out to connect us strongly. This is good news, moreover because it confirms that the process of change, which we are currently experiencing, is paying off. However, there is also news that requires our attention. How to best achieve our strategic goals, this is where our views throughout the organization still differ. To get these views aligned too, the S-ray Scan has clearly mapped our improvement challenge. There is still work to be done, in the knowledge though that we already laid a solid foundation. This makes us confident towards the future. And especially confidence, it is all-decisive, since we can only make our ProRail strategy happen by working closely together.

Marion Gout - van Sinderen | Former President-Director of ProRail
The S-ray Scan clearly mapped our improvement challenge; Getting our views on how to best achieve our strategic goals aligned.

About ProRail

ProRail B.V. is a state-owned company that maintains the railroad infrastructure in the Netherlands and, as an independent party, controls the railroad capacity.

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