Strategic Alignment in the Floriculture Industry

The alignment scan has objectively shown what makes our industry so unique

The S-ray Alignment Scan, that we applied for assessing the support for the HubWays improvement project by the Dutch floriculture business cluster, has shown objectively what makes our industry so unique in this world: all chain partners – growers, auctions, traders and transporters – have a strongly shared industry vision that fuels a natural intention to cooperate, despite the differing, individual business interests. We should reinforce this remarkable fact much more often to each other, since it is something rare that we must cherish and that is to fill all of us with incredible pride.

Servaas van der Ven | former Head of Concern Logistics (2004-2011) and current CCO of FloraHolland
The S-ray Alignment Scan has shown objectively what makes our industry so unique in this world

About FloraHolland

Koninklijke Coöperatieve Bloemenveiling FloraHolland U.A. is the royal cooperation of Dutch floriculture growers and is the international floriculture marketplace with its six auction sites in the Netherlands.

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