S-ray Diagnostics alignment masterclass

The Power of Alignment - Empowering People To Execute Strategy.

Challenge alignment in your organization and put your strategy to the test.



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Our elementary vision

Having a strategy is not a guarantee for success. What determines the success of an organizational strategy is its effective implementation and execution! Otherwise your strategy is nothing more than a plan.
Strategy and execution are one! This is our elementary vision at S-Ray Diagnostics.

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Your executive assignment

Your strategy, although great, is worthless if your people are not committed to it. To get everyone on board with your business strategy, you need to get them involved and excited and make it a part of their everyday job. With S-ray Diagnostics you will be delivering this executive assignment, with faster success and superior results.

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Aly van Berckel | CEO of Douane Nederland – Customs Administration of the Netherlands

I appreciate this experience as the first, successful step in an ongoing process in which we will involve the larger organization. By doing so, we will furthermore sharpen and share our strategic focus, making sure that we set the same priorities and work towards the same goals as one Douane.

Thom Albers | Thom Albers, former Director Corporate Strategy (2010-2013) and MD Cooperative Affairs (2013-2015), current MD Export of FrieslandCampina

S-ray offers a ruthless diagnosis. It is very sobering to witness that a business strategy, which is making perfect sense to you as the MD, is lacking the buy-in and support from the organization. It therefore is absolutely vital to figure out already during strategy formation: how am I going to explain this strategy sensibly to the organization? For if you are not able to do so, alignment has no chance and even a good strategy makes no sense.

If you want to run successfully, you need a winning strategy. And then execute it. Just do it. Make it happen. But what if you have to run together? As a team? As one organization? In the world of strategy and execution, the obvious isn’t always that obvious…

How are you running your business? Put your business strategy to the test. And dare to challenge the obvious assumption of aligned execution. S-ray Diagnostics scan is a state-of-the-science management tool tailored to your alignment challenge. A relevant challenge, since strategic alignment delivers next-level company performance. It enables you to deliver your executive assignment with faster success and superior results. No assumptions here!

To align or not to align? It is not a question anymore. We are beyond questioning. The working of alignment-performance has been scientifically proven. You cannot escape from it. Like you can’t escape from gravity. Its working is present. Everywhere. All the time. In your company too. As with gravity, the one question that remains: is it working for you? Or is it working against you?

Have the people of S-ray Diagnostics work with you. To make sure strategic alignment will work for you.